Chavs in Trackies

Jack Dieson and Matt Taylor on BulldogPit

Skinny young chav Matt Taylor is perpetually super horny! He texts his fellow chav Jack Dieson and begs him to come over for a quick fuck.

After kissing, chewing each other’s nipples and groping one another through their trackies, Matt whips out Jack’s fat, cut dick and chows down. Jack grabs the back of his head and forces him to go deeper and fucking his face. After a while Jack drops to his knees and lets Matt fuck his mouth with a lot of spit drooling down his chin while he jerks himself off. The horny young lads move to the couch where they continue taking turns sucking each other until Jack presents his hungry hole to Matt:

The young man eats, licks and rims the tight sphincter then gives Jack a balls-deep fucking. Jack pops a large load all over his trackies that leaves a wicked mess and Matt soon follows, shooting his jizz all over Jacks face.

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Marco and Jordan

A raunchy outdoor hardcore scene featuring two hot British chavs, Marco and Jordan from Hard Brit Lads!

Fit chav Marco is walking down a concrete underpass, the highway above him with tons of traffic. Rain is pouring down. He stops to take a piss against a graffiti covered wall. His uncut dick is big and thick, even when soft. He takes a good long piss, and as he is shaking the last couple of drops, a cute slim young lad approaches from the other direction, and checks him out. Confidently, Marco turns and shows him his cock, which gets hard before his eyes. Young Jordan stands in the pouring rain for a moment, looking at Marcos big dick, and unable to resist, he goes over to him.

As they kiss Jordan starts to play with Marcos cock, which by now is rock solid and huge, a good 8.5 inches and thick. They take off their tops, and Jordan gets down onto his knees to suck.. Jordan clearly loves to suck, he goes as deep as he can, managing to get most of it down, and he sucks fast, and then Marco holds the lads head firmly to fuck his face. Marco pulls him back up to standing, and rubs Jordan’s dick, now hard in his trackie bottoms, and gets down to do some sucking himself. Jordan’s cock s a good size, about 8 inches, uncut, and Marco jerks him off as he sucks him, before standing up and getting Jordan to suck him some more.

Marco pushes Jordan against the wall, puling his arse cheeks apart and getting his tongue up inside him, licking his smooth hole, getting it nice and wet, ready to get fucked by his big throbbing dick. He teases his hole with his cock, and then pushes it in – he has to go slow as his dick is so fat, and Jordan’s arse is really tight.. he fucks slow at first.. and once Jordan is relaxed he fucks harder, long strokes, showing us the full length of his big dick, and speeds up.

The lads move onto the ground, Marco laying back, holding his cock up, which Jordan sits himself down on, he rides is for a bit, then Marco grips him firmly and pushes his cock into him, giving his a serious pounding. Finally, Marco stands up to get sucked once more by Jordan, who jerks himself off while sucking, and Jordan shoots first, a really good thick creamy stream of spunk, spilling down his cock and over his fingers.. then Marco shoots a powerful load over Jordan’s face and onto his tongue and into his mouth… This is one really atmospheric, amazing scene.

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Groping a Chav

Chav Sunny on First Auditions.
Sunny is a rough straight chav. Though he’s adamantly straight this chav crawled to First Auditions red-faced looking for a few pennies, finding himself forced to swallow his pride harder than he ever believed possible.

First Auditions writes:

As if he were arriving at the dentist’s office, Sonny timidly asked us upon arrival “This won’t take long, will it?” We assured him it wouldn’t. But what he didn’t realize was how every second of his undressing and fondling would tick painfully by as if lasting an eternity. Sunny finds the treatment agonizing as each piece of clothing is removed slowly and his body is systematically and determinedly exposed and felt over.

Sunny found it difficult to take the raw intimacy of two men eagerly sliding their bare fingers up his tender
never-before touched man hole. The butt-plug was almost a step too far making the poor boy turn so beet red he could barely stand it. This is what it’s come to for the tough lad of the street, naked on his hands and knees, helpless to take whatever we give him.

Sunny was incredibly uncomfortable being penetrated. This is the most filthy, degrading thing which can happen to a proud straight young man. Massively pissed off he silent sat back and refused to speak or look at us while we greedily played with his genitals. Since he was so resistant we told him to jack off over himself and was annoyed when we immediately leaped in to stroke his tumescent sticky cock and rub his gooey spunk over his hairy body.

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Sean the Scally

Sean on UKSL.

Bournemouth scally lad Sean loves to show off his body and it didn’t take long before he was stripping off his trackie top and lifting up his vest to play around with his nipples.

Soon, Sean’s hands started straying down the front of his pants in typical scally fashion. Once his pants were pulled down we were treated to the full majesty of the 25-year-old’s big, thick dick that just demanded to be stroked and played with.

Sean loves to put on a show and he didn’t disappoint as he turned over onto all fours and stuck his nice, smooth, shaved arse in the air, whilst pulling his dick in between his legs. He then pulled his cheeks apart and stuck his fingers down that tight hole of his…

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Rudeboys Clayton and Cal

Clayton and Cal on UK Scally Lads

Clayton’s a confident, cheeky lad and a natural in front of the camera. He’s also a very horny boy, as evidenced by the rock hard cock I could see in outline pushing up against his trackie bottoms before we had even started! To say Clayton has a nice, big, thick cock is the understatement of the year! And he loves to play with it. Cal is a cheeky rudeboi who just loves taking it up the arse from other scallies and chavs! And I can safely say this was the best pounding he’s had to date on UK Scally Lads!

Clayton loosens Cal’s ass up a bit by getting his tongue deep inside his hole and eating him out, as well as fingering him. What follows is pretty sensational, as Cal is given the fucking of his life as Clayton pounds him from various positions. This is real, not acted, hard, full-on, passionate sex as the lads curse and give verbals to each other and spit in each other’s face. Clayton grabs Cal by the neck as he thrusts his thick 9-inch cock deep inside this defenceless bottom boy.

Then Cal gives one of the best cum shots we have seen on UKSL to date, as he squirts his huge cum load, in two bursts, into Clayton’s face and mouth (and all over the sofa and floor too!). Not to be outdone Clayton then fires his sticky load straight into Cal’s face and eye!

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Horny Chav in a Hoodie

Mackenzie Cross on Hard Brit Lads.

Hard Brit Lads‘ Mackenzie Cross is a classic chav, with his hoodie, tracks in his hair and eyebrows, and a lot of cocky confidence! He has a great body, well defined with a tight little 6 pack and firm pecs. And he is very cute, with a cheeky glint in his eye.

Mackenzie begins by rubbing his cock over his black trackies, and starts to play with his nipples, before taking off his trackie bottoms to rub the throbbing bulge in his black boxers. He takes these off to reveal a very uncut dick, about 7 inches, semi hard, which he plays with till its rock solid.

He puts a leg up on the bench, and whilst jerking off, he starts to play with his tight arse for us, rubbing it with his finger and then slowly pushing it in to finger himself. He pulls his arse cheeks apart, giving us some hot revealing butt shots. Then he sits down on the bench and leans back to continue jerking off and fingering himself, till he shoots a thick white load onto his stomach!

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Kai and Danny

Kai and Danny on UK Scally Lads.

Two familiar faces in UK gay porn, Kai and Danny in a hot hardcore porn video on UK Scally Lads

After a couple of beers and watching some porn, the lads got down to business. There was some hot passionate kissing to start with, before the lads worked down each other’s bodies, first with some nipple play, then some sucking and jerking off. Danny has a big bell-end and Kai loved getting his tongue all around it and then getting Danny’s tool deep down to the back of his throat. Danny was only too pleased to return the favor. Then the boys indulged in some great 69-ing action on the sofa.

It was clear, though, that Kai was really gagging for Danny to get his cock inside his hole and give his ass are real good pounding. Naturally Danny was only too pleased to oblige. For the next half hour Kai moaned, groaned and more as he was shafted from various angles by this fit power fuck machine! God only knows what the neighbors thought!

Finally Kai couldn’t hold off any longer and, while still being fucked lying on his back, he shot his load all across his body and face. This was the trigger for Danny to withdraw and then add to the hot sticky cum all over Kai’s body by shooting his load over him too! A final hug completed a very hot scally boy shoot!

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Big-Dicked Scallies

Andy ONeill and Josh Hancock in Spunky Scallies.

Spunky Scallies Andy O’Neill and Josh Hancock get into some big cock anal action on Club Eurocreme

Scally boys with big cocks are always a hot find… especially two of them going at it together! Josh Hancock’s monster is so long and thick it practically bends. Isn’t there a rule that the boy with the smaller dick has to bottom? That’s certainly the case here!

After some oral play Andy bends over the back of a sofa and arches his ass back onto Josh’s long thick cock. The bottom boy struggles a bit, moaning and biting down as the huge dick slides all the way in to the base. Andy experiences the union of pleasure and pain as Josh splits him open. The hung top scally makes him take it in three different positions until the Andy shoots his load with Josh’s dick still planted deep inside of him.

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Duke and Dean

Skinhead scallies Dean Matthews and Duke Michaels.

Duke Michaels and Dean Matthews are both proper skinhead scally blokes. Duke has a big beefy muscle build, big tattoos and a thick cock. Dean, tall and toned, has a big 8 inch cock, and both blokes stay rock solid the entire time. Some horny deep-throating service by Dean, followed by nice nipple play, before fucking in a couple of hot positions!

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Danny the Scally

Hairy-chested UK scally lad Danny.

You probably need no introduction to Danny as he is a familiar face to anyone who has seen Triga stuff. Apparently, Danny has become something of a gay icon!

Danny made the long trip down from Nottingham on the coach. He arrived in full scally gear (white England football shirt, white trackie bottoms and top) so there was no need to change! Soon after the shoot started Danny was sniffing his trainers and his socks. He had a bit of an attitude and gave the middle finger to the camera!!

Danny is a true scally lad. After playing with himself in his trackies for a while he slowly took off his gear to reveal a slim, athletic body with a fairly hairy chest. He loved stroking his thick cock for the camera. He then turned over to show us his cute arse which he stroked for a while. After a few minutes Danny could contain himself no longer and shot his load. Not to be missed!

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